Rebranding as a New Start

As a newly launching painter in 2001, I was so excited to put all my marketing experience that I learned in the cold gray world of corporate to good use.

I promptly created a design company and name and created and marketed many paintings and works. Along with it, I created a biography and branding= "Spirit in color" was it's name. A nod to the new spirituality and creative energy I was embarking on.

Life stepped in the journey and through the birth of my children, job loss, a parent dying - my art changed and outgrew the new age moniker I made for myself. It served me well many, many years. Now it was like a favorite dress from high school, imbued with good memories but now I am too plump for it to be a good fit. It did not give a voice to my world and it was like I was hiding from the world.

I've matured as a person and an artist. Now with my own voice and owning to all my feelings and experiences, I rebranded as Ailan Olsen Creative. Art saved my life, and it continues to feed me and my family. Looking forward to new adventures, new mediums and new travels in this journey!

Thanks for coming along.

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